Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Which Tryph is a terrible friend and a body shamer...

I don't honestly believe this to be true, but the internet said it so...

I read an article not so long ago that said that in order to be body positive, you must accept that "all bodies are equal" and I don't.  I can agree that round pegs and square pegs are equal in form, maybe function.... but a square peg isn't going to fit well in the slot intended for a round one.

And it's the same with people and clothes.  Not all clothes are going to fit every body equally, and making this the basis of body positivity is stupid in my mind.

When I go shopping with any of my friends, fat, thin, tall, short, or anything in between... if I say to them 'that dress doesn't look good on you' it isn't a criticism of their body, more so a critique on the many designers who hate women and design clothes in a way that isn't flattering on all body types.  It isn't that I think they should "hide" parts of their body... if a busty girl wants to show off her clevage?  You show it off, pretty lady!  If a leggy girl wants to wear a short skirt?  You let the world admire your gams!  If a bigger girl wants to wear a body con dress?  You show off those curves!

If a person wants to wear something that's just the wrong size, and has tailoring in the wrong places?  Nope... why look bad in the body you've got?

If this makes me a body shamer, then I guess I'm a body shamer.

In the top photo (I'm the one with the black jeans, blue shirt and black sweater I think I was 14), I used to wear jeans that were two sizes too big, and L/XL tshirts.  I was about 100lbs at the time... This outfit is nearing the furthest from flattering you can get.  I wanted to HIDE the body I had and it looked terrible.

Or the second photo here... where I'm wearing a great jacket that's a bit 'boxy'.  this means, it doesn't hug the curves I've got so I don't look as good as I could.

Ugh, I meandered... my point is not all clothes look good on all bodies... and to pretend otherwise is actually kind of terrible.

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