Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Which Tryph is a lazy cow

Remember a year ago?  When I bordered on skinny?

Sometimes it almost feels like it was a lifetime ago... but I packed on most of the weight I lost,


Because I'm a lazy cow.  I'm stubborn and I really fucking hate exercise.

And don't get me started on the calories.  They're so goddamned tasty!  And it's so easy to eat shit at the local fast food places (a burger joint, a sub shop, and a pizza place all within walking distance of work).  Eating bad foods just became a part of every day.

And so did the fat.

When most of my closet stopped fitting, I knew something had to give... I lost the weight before and I could lose it again, right?  But how?

Yeah, there's more to it than just that joke... honestly you can't just jump to reducing your caloric intake... you have to be smart about it and start eating smarter.

But yeah, eat less (or eat better) and move more.

So how does a lazy shit like me who hates exercise start moving more?

Well, this time around I bought a fitbit flex.  It's really just a step counter... but the app makes it so much more that that.  It's got the whole community aspect of things and the challenges are awesome... a little bit of friendly competition is always a great incentive to work a little harder, isn't it?

But it gave me an idea of what I was doing, and what I needed to do more of.

They (the ubiquitous they, don't ask me who) say that 10,000 steps is a good bench mark to aim for in general... with my fitbit I found out just how lazy I was on my lazy days. Did you know that there were days that I went less than a thousand steps?  Yeah, I said I was lazy.

Anyhow.. now that I'm better able to keep an eye on what I'm doing.... well it makes it a little bit harder to be lazy.  So yeah, the fitbit is making it easier for this lazy girl to lose a bit of her chub (or hopefully will... after a straight month of exercise I've yet to see any change beyond my endurance)

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