Sunday, October 26, 2014

In which Tryph sabotages herself, with style

I've long since made peace with the fact that my personal style is going to hold me back in a lot of respects.

Currently I have purple hair (only half of it), a few tattoos that I make no effort to hide, a drawer full of vibrant makeup, more boots than the average person could shake their fist at, and a wardrobe that would be a teenage goff kid's wet dream.

There are times that I can and do dress like an adult, but even then, I do so with a bit of an edge.  What can I say?  I like my boots with dresses and skirts.  I feel like every outfit is improved by the presence of a sweet pair of doc martens.

And honestly, I've found that my crazy hair, and costuming has been more of an asset than a detractor.  I'm more approachable, or at least more people approach me.  They'll comment on my hair, my clothes.  Hell, I've even made an acquaintance of someone simply based on our mutual love of boots.

But, image is image, and I was definitely reminded of this at work the other day.  Hair colour was mentioned to me as something that "raises a flag" of concern in the workplace.  Now, I know that they weren't speaking of me (they even said as much), but it still hit a note with me.

I've never acted in an unprofessional manner in the workplace.  And even on my worst days, I'm at least as well dressed than most of my colleagues.... but because I don't fit into the world like a cookie cutter stepford type person.... I will always hold myself back.

This.. well it makes me unendingly sad.  The person who made the comments about hair, they went on to say that our eyes are our most developed sense and therefore image will always be an issue.  I just wonder if maybe we should rely less on our eyes and rely more on our brains.

(for note, this was written while wearing a headband with a skull on it.  Not quite the little hat I was hoping for, but still cute)

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