Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In which Tryph is still stuck on Passive things

I've gone on about how interpersonal relationships have been negatively impacted by things like social media... but I've been thinking a lot about all of this, and the issue is a lot bigger than just the interpersonal side.

It's the armchair activists that have me pretty frustrated tonight.

There's so much TALK, so many petitions... but so little action out there.

I realize that the conversation has to start somewhere, and that talk is always a part of the solution, but it's got to go beyond that.  Do the research, find out how to help and what can be changed from your own point of view or position.  BE the change, don't just talk about it.

This idea started in my head when someone on facebook shared one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen.  It depicted a young woman sitting on a bed with a tiny baby.   I'm not sharing it here because honestly sharing it won't change anything... But the baby was crying and this young girl/woman was hitting him.  He was screaming, and she slapped him, hit him with a pillow, kicked him, and shoved his hands away when he reached out to her for some kind of solace.  

It was absolute heartbreak to watch.

The idea of sharing the video was to make it go 'viral' so that someone could 'save that baby'.  And I get it, the idea isn't a horrible one.  It's just... misguided.  Do you have any idea how many babies right now, both in the third world and in our own back yards, are going through this?

It happens every single day, in every single country to any and all children.

If you see a video depicting horrible violence against a child, maybe move to do more than just share the link.  If it's something you feel passionate and moved to do something about... look into things like child sponsorship (which helps provide education, birth control and various other things) or look into how to support and advocate for local groups.  Schools are always in need of parent volunteers.  There are many ways to actually GET INVOLVED in ending things like child abuse.

The same thing goes for other issues out there.  Homelessness, poverty, hunger, mental heath issues... the list is endless.  Next time you feel compelled to share a tweet about something... just... consider how you could actually help.  Raising awareness is only the first step.

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