Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In which Tryph is an Introvert

Yup, I've blogged this before, and I'll likely have to blog it again because people just keep not getting it.

I am an introvert.

What this means, in short, is that I find people/talking to people exhausting on every single level.

So I work in a call center.  My job involves talking to people on the phone for 8.5 hours a day (less breaks and shit).  To me, a shift like this is the emotional and mental equivalent of running a marathon.

It's exhausting.

Imagine this for a moment.  You've just run a marathon.  You're exhausted, but glad it's done.  You're looking forward to a chance to rest and relax... but then you get asked to run another marathon right after.

Think you could do it?

That's what it's like sometimes when I'm asked to do something after work.  It feels like I'm going from one giant feat of strength to another.   It was easier when I was on a day shift.  I could get home, have some food and have that bit of a break before going back out again.  But on this shift, more often than not it's right after I'm done work, so I can't even catch my breath.

I'll still do it (ie go out) when it's important.  And if it's a slow day I'm more likely to be able to without feeling overwhelmed.  But I just wish people understood that I'm an introvert.  People exhaust me, and it's nothing personal.  Sometimes I need my quiet time alone before I can get back out there and face the world.

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