Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In which tryph does what this blog was intended to do....


So, at some point in recent history a principal made some remarks regarding the dresscode for the school he works at.  There were two that were hilighted in a negative fashion, and I'll address each in a separate post.  The first in this pair of posts is "boys will be boys"

This turn of phrase really pisses me off a lot.

First let me say that I fully accept that men and women are wired differently.  Testosterone and estrogen do some very different things to people.  Testosterone does tend to regulate aggression, and on average boys and men do have higher amounts of it in their bloodstream especially during puberty.  So yes, one could posit to say that boys tend towards being more aggressive than girls and/or older men.

But here's the thing boys and girls.  Here's a key element that we all seem to be missing here.

We're humans.  All of us... humans.  We are capable of rational thought.  We are capable of reason.  We decide, and make choices.  We are not all slaves to the chemicals in our brains and our bodies.

In short, we aren't animals.

To say "boys will be boys" is to say that boys aren't better than animals, that they are no longer capable of rational thought or governing their own actions.  Lets be honest, if that's the case boys should then be confined to cages.

We wouldn't allow Lions, tigers and cobras to roam our city streets and interact with our children, would we?  No, we confine them to zoos (or their own natural habitat) and if they escape, more often than not they're put down.

So why is it okay for a boy (or man) to act like an animal and just get a free pass?

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