Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In which Tryph addresses the second point

The second comment that this principal made was "modest is hottest"

I honestly don't have a problem with this statement.  I suspect that the people who freaked out about this comment are adding unintended context to what he was trying to say here.

First of all, lets address the fact that he's a grown ass man.  If he's a principal, he's likely got a good 40 years or so on these teenagers.  I think we can all agree that when you have a generational gap that large that when the older side tries to 'relate' or use language that they think will reach the kids... well they're going to fail miserably.

What I hear, as a woman who's likely in the middle ground of the generational gap here, is that "you don't need to display your flesh to feel good about yourself".

It's honestly a sentiment that I appreciate and agree with whole heartedly.  We live in an age where hemlines grow shorter, and fabric is more sheer... an age where sexuality is front and center and on display in terms of clothing and flesh.  I find it offensive to see the things that young girls and women wear these days.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't feel good about yourself dressed however you want... honestly your body is your own and you should do what makes you happy, I just like the concept of teaching young people (during their formative years) that it's OKAY to not be nearly naked.  That you can be just as (or in my opinion) hot/sexy/cute/pretty/etc when your body is covered modestly.

I think it's a good message, when  you stop adding negative connotations to it.  Modest is pretty damned hot in my opinion.

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