Saturday, November 2, 2013

In which Tryph Remembers why she started this thing

Yesterday someone asked me if I missed social media yet.

The answer was, and still is "sometimes".

I think I'm delightfully amusing and come up with some great anecdotes and strange things to say.  Yesterday it was all about how my pillows were surly, and a few weeks ago it involved my freezer and a hammer.

Yes, I sometimes miss social media.  I miss the aspects of it where others could engage in my silliness on a grand scheme.  And truth be told, this weekend I'll be logging back into my twitter briefly.  Granted, that last part is just to ensure that my account is preserved for if/when I decide to come back.  Not just anyone can be Tryphyna.  There can only be one.

But today, today I was reminded of why I don't miss social media.

It's the idea that the people who you think of as friends, aren't really your friends.

Don't get me wrong, I know there are a LOT of people on the twitterspace that are honestly and truly my friends.  That genuinely care about me and how I"m doing, and I feel the same for them.  I know who they are, and so do they.  I know I'm a bad communicator, and I'm trying to get better but it isn't easy.

Lets just blame "not being hugged enough as a child".

No really, we can blame that.

Anyhow... The fact that it still upsets me that someone who I haven't talked to in a year has blocked me on the few pieces of social media left out there... well... it makes it pretty clear that I'm not ready to come back to the twitterplace.  It doesn't matter that we were once closer than close.  It's the fact that my heart broke a little bit when I realized that someone who clearly doesn't consider themselves a friend... well... maybe I need a little more time and space.

So yes, I miss social media.  But no, I don't miss it enough to come back yet.

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