Sunday, October 27, 2013

In which tryph hates couples costumes

I am half of a ridiculously adorable couple.

We revel in PDAs. We don't often go long periods of time without some form of physical contact when we're together.  If you spend enough time with us, you're bound to hear one of us proclaim our love, or pour a little sap on. 

But there isn't something you're ever going to see.  

Us in one of those ridiculous couples costumes.  

Honestly, I think some couples costumes can be super cute and well done (just tonight I saw a friend and her boyfriend dressed up as a great Dexter couple, he was dex, she was wearing what looked like a Saran Wrap type dress) but for the most part I hate the very idea of the couples costume.  

See, if the costume naturally evolves... It's one thing. It's only natural for people who do things together, to dress up together too.  It's just when, even in the brainstorming stages, a couple tries to force the idea of doing it together (hey, if you're salt, I can be pepper).  

I just think that's gross.  

My man has some pretty sexy Heisenberg going on (breaking bad) but you'll never catch me dressing up like Skylar (Jesse though... I would totally consider). 

I don't know... I just think it's gross to force anything in a relationship, whether it's costumes, or anything else.  Makes it seem like you're trying too hard, or like you just want to show off what a perfect couple you are.  In my mind, the perfect couple is the couple that goes out dressed like a pirate and a ninja.  Cos you know they'd have to put some serious shit aside to make things work.

(ps - Ninjas are better, but pirates have more style)
(pps - You also won't catch us making plans on facebook, because that's the height of lame.  It's just as easy to send a link to someone privately, and not have to make it all public and shit.)

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