Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Which Tryph has a rough Morning

The days and nights after your face your demons are never easy.  

They're harder still when you already suffer from depression and anxiety.  

They keep you awake at night.  They wake you up with tears in your eyes and sobs in your throat. They haunt you throughout your waking day, and tease the odd occasional tear from your eye.  

They are the real monsters under your bed, and that lurk around every corner.  

They are the things that convince you the world will stop turning. 

You try ignoring them, and the bottled pain just gets stronger and harder to handle when it rears it's ugly face. 

You try screaming at them, and you just give them more power, more ability to take control from you. 

You try begging, pleading and cajoling... And your tears and pleas fall upon their deaf and selfish ears. 

You become so determined to shake it. To not let the demons break you, but somehow they just keep holding on, sinking their claws in deeper. 

How do you shake a demon like that?  One that is so deeply ingrained into you that it has almost become a part of who you are.  Your soul and your being?  How do you banish it,exorcise it, make it leave you forever?

I wish someone could tell me.

Waking up to days like today after crying myself into nightmares... It's pretty awful and I want off this ride. 

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