Monday, September 2, 2013

In Which Tryph Thinks People in love are stupid

I rather hate the phrase “love is blind” because honestly, I think love sees all the bull shit, but some how thinks because they’re in love, that they’re above it.  Which is also bullshit. 

Here’s the thing people, in love or not, if the person you’re with candidly tells you that they’re lying, plan to lie or have lied to someone… it goes to demonstrate character.  A liar lies.  A cheater cheats. A rapist rapes. A douchebag, is a giant fucking douche bag.  Just because they haven’t lied to you (or you haven’t caught them in a lie yet) doesn’t mean they won’t. 

Now, I fully understand that every situation and relationship is different… but you’d have to be pretty stupid, I think, to think that someone who lies to people they love, cherish and consider family… isn’t going to lie to you the first time your goals/thoughts/feelings/desires aren’t in sympatico. 

That’s the thing with the newness of a new love.  At the start you often always want the same things….but once you’ve been together a few months (some say 3, I say more like 6).  The cracks start to show.  You start to see through the haze of love, and start to see reality.  You stop truly wanting to go for “fro-yo”(which, by the by, I happen to think is one of the most awful phrases ever, and should be stricken from all vocabulary) when you’re lactose intolerant.  You stop pretending you like to exercise when the thought of it makes you nauseated.

You stop being superman, and you start being Clark Kent. 

And honestly people, if Clark Kent lies to his family, if Clark Kent lies to people he loves… Just because you’re dating Superman now…. Doesn’t mean you aren't going  to wawake up beside Clark Kent one mornin.  And don’t be surprised when you finally see him for what he is.  Because honestly darlin', a liar lies.  And they aren't going to change who they are for you.

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