Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Which Tryph is not a yellow cotton dress

A girl, a dress, and a canon
She's strapless red satin....

Veronica Mars reference over, I'm neither really.  I'm... unconventional at best.  I wear what I want to wear, how and when I want to wear it.  But I don't really consider myself "brave" to dress how I do.

Pair this boring dress with boots
instant awesome
A girl at work came up to me not too long ago and told me how she thought it was awesome that I was brave enough to wear my alt style on the outside.  I was kind of puzzled by this comment, so I pressed to find out what she meant.  Turns out, the girl is a great big Gwar fan, and used to wear the combat boots, and ripped tights and basically punk/gothed it up.  But then she grew up and decided to conform.

That was her word... "conform"

Pure nerd
She actually said to me that conforming was easy, so she was going to stick with her cute dresses from cheap discount stores and tights, and her boring choices in footwear.  And please don't get me wrong, I think everyone needs to have a conformist outfit or two in their closet.  There are always times that blending is better than standing out from the crowd, but if that isn't who you are, it shouldn't dominate your wardrobe.

I don't know... I just find it weird that people would rather wear things that don't make them feel GREAT about who they are, in lieu of things that are "easy".

But then I guess there are people out there who are yellow cotton dresses

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