Friday, May 3, 2013

In which Tryph is a Warrior... sort of

So I have this thing where I'm always fighting for one thing or another.

More often than not, I'm fighting for people who aren't me.  I'm fighting for friends and family. Fighting their own perceptions, fighting against the other people in their lives...

I'm the girl who will say "shut up, you're gorgeous" when a friend makes a degrading comment about themselves.
I'm the girl who will send random messages to people telling them why I think they're brilliant, special and important.
I'm the girl who says "replace *insert negative word here* with *replace positive synonym here*, and that's more accurate"

I'm the girl who seems to make it her quest to make everyone feel better about themselves.
Everyone that is, but me.

It almost seems like I'm content to hate on myself, when really I'm not.

I just find it... amusing isn't the right word, but you'll get my point... I find it amusing that I'll fight for everyone and everything.

Just not me.

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