Friday, May 31, 2013

In which Tryph is random

I got a tattoo yesterday.

I asked my artist friend to create a cartoon character based on photos of my young man in a halloweeen costume from a few years back.  He went through this phase where he was the super kitty.

I plan to get both of the images on me, and would have yesterday had my tummy not been rumbly, and it was getting a little late.

FYI - tattoos don't hurt as much as people say they do, unless you have a low tolerance to pain.  This felt no worse than a sunburn, and not even a BAD sunburn at that.

I love my super kitty tat.  Can't wait to show the boychild.

Anyhow, this lazy ass really needs to get out of bed.  I just can't seem to get moving today.  ugh.

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