Thursday, May 30, 2013

In which Tryph hits a wall, while running

So yeah, still working on losing weight.

Still training for a half marathon... sort of.

I suspect my training is in serious danger.

See, about 2 weeks into training (I'm using a couch to 5 k program because I am a lazy fucker, and this program forces me to keep increasing how far/long I run), I fell.  It was more like I started to faint, my body went limp and I kind of crumpled.

On stairs.

While taking a step.

Somehow the top of my foot wanted to see how the bottom half lived, and ALL MY WEIGHT bore down on it.

The girl who only feels extreme pain actually cried out in pain.

Anyhow, due to that (I think it was a small fracture, nothing that required a cast and I did get it x-rayed) I couldn't walk on it, let alone run, for about 4 weeks.

I had to repeat the week I was on (week 2) because I had lost so much time... but I calculated it.  If I managed to stick with the timeline my programs had for me, I'd be ready JUST in time.

That is, until yesterday when I realized I had hit a wall.

See, the last week or so I've stepped up my exercise program. I've gone from doing 15-30 minutes of mild exercise, to doing more like 45-60 minutes of exercise every day (including the ones I run), and the muscle soreness is... awful.

Couple that with the fact that I'm tired all the time (oh that reminds me.... damn, doctor isn't in.) When I got to week 4 of running, I haven't been able to sustain 5 minutes of running for any of the week 4 runs.  Now I don't know what to do.  I need to repeat the week, and I obviously need to adjust my exercise to ensure I have more energy when I run.  But I don't have ANY wiggle room.  Repeating this week means pushing my training out, and that means I might not be completely ready for October,

I'm very depressed about this.  I wish I had a trainer, or people who run to give me advice.  Sadly, I don't have anything like that around here.  (well I could pay for the former, but I'm broke)



Suze said...

Shana, if muscle soreness is your problem, then it's just simple DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Your muscles experience some micro-tears and shit from being used beyond your normal capacity. This is really good actually, as they rebuild stronger. If you work through the pain it will get better. Myself, I have been sore every day for over a week and a half now from getting myself back up to the physical strength I was at before. When muscle group is sore, I work out another one. (My hamstrings are finally feeling better but now my biceps and obliques are killing me.)

Some tips for muscle recovery (that might be obvious but they help me):

- Lots of water (this helps with pretty much everything)
- Eat extra lean protein. I find when I am really sore, a couple extra servings of protein is really good for fast recovery. This does not have to be an expensive protein powder. I am actually not a fan. Tuna, chicken breast, a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Seems counter-intuitive that more calories will help you lose weight, but the long-term metabolism boost from building your muscles will pay off.
- Some studies show that taking vitamin C can also speed muscle recovery. I take extra vitamin C tablets when I am really sore and it does seem to help.
- Potassium is also supposed to help with muscle soreness. If a banana is too heavy and caloric, coconut water is supposed to have a lot.

Are you doing anything other than running? Plyometrics (jumping drills) are supposed to really help running performance. As are lunges and lateral leg raises.

Hope you are able to push through this wall! Good luck!

Tryphyna said...

It's only part of the problem. I know it'll settle down as my muscles start to get stronger. And I'm definitely making it a point to include more protien and potassium. Vitamin C I haven't tried, so I'll pick some up today.

As for other things, squats, lunges, cardio kickboxing and pilates. I started including these to help with my muscle development and hopefully help me cross the finish line... but yesterday when I ran (I couldn't even finish my first 3 minute interval) I almost crawled home I was so exhausted and sore.

I'm just really starting to get worried. This half marathon is a huge goal for me.

Suze said...

Well if your half marathon isn't until October, you still have lots of time. It's probably hard to believe now but the pain will go away at some point and it will get easier. Are you taking enough rest days? That is really important as well.

Mrs. AP said...

Hey. Mrs. AP here. I've missed you, not sure what happened. I don't know how to contact you (maybe that's what you want) but I just wanted to reach out. I just ran my first 5k last weekend and training for 10k now. I'd like to train with you. When I run with my friend she pushes me to do my best. I'd like to pay it forward. Email me if its something you would consider. Or text me if you still have my number.

Other than that, work through the soreness and make sure you have proper shoes. You can and will make your goal. It's a mind game. Don't listen to the voice in your head telling you you can't, it's a liar.

Tryphyna said...

@Suze - I run every other day, except this week, when I took a full three day break because I felt I was burning out. Strength training is one muscle group a day 3-5 days a week.

As for October, I've been using a structured plan to get me to 5k, then another for 10, then an event training program. The structure (I feel) helps keep pushing me forward since I don't have a partner right now... unfortunately the structure also has the program running a bit over the date of the event itself. Maybe I'll be fine... but it's early enough in the process for me to pick peoples brains for tips so I can get back/stay on track.