Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In which Tryph doesn't always view the word "fat" as derogatory

When the word fat is used as an Adjective and in reference to a person or animal, it states that "fat" means to have a large amount of excess flesh.

Now I've gone on a little further to say that it's a large amount of excess flesh distributed across the body.  Because, the argument was made that because breasts are fat, large breasts would be excess fat, and therefore having large breasts would make a person fat.

Now I could get into techno babble about body fat percentages and where I should be compared to where I am, but I'll lay it out as easily as possible.

There are parts of my body that jiggle like jelly.  There are parts of my body where fat/skin sag.  There are multiple parts of my body (upper arms, stomach/back, thighs, butt) that have excess fatty flesh.

By a purely technical standpoint, I am fat.

And I'm okay with using that word to describe my state.  I am what I am.  I've got excess fat on my body.  These are reserves that my body isn't using and doesn't need.  When I lose them, my body will not cease to function properly because they're unnecessary.

I don't feel like saying that I'm fat degrades my looks.  I'm as pretty as I'll ever be.  And I'm the same person I'll be.  But I'm fat.

I have this friend who keeps arguing this point with me.  He keeps coming back to a couple of points that just don't make sense.

Point one... "to me, you're perfect" or "but you look great" 
Ok, so I know I have self esteem issues, and I don't think I'm pretty or perfect all the time.  But honestly, when I say "I'm fat, and need to lose the weight", I'm not saying that I'm ugly.  I'm simply stating that I would like to use up the excess fat and make it go away.  My self esteem issues have been around ever since I was a thin kid, so losing the weight won't change a damned thing but make me healthier

Point two... "having fat doesn't make you fat"
Well no, everyone has fat.  And in fact the human body requires fat to survive.  But as long as I have an excess of the stuff, I'm going to be fat.  And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm morbidly obese here.  I'm not even saying I'm obese.  I'm simply saying that I am fat.

Point three.... "I've seen fat girls, you're not one of them"
Really?  You REALLY want to go there?

Just because I'm not AS big as someone else, doesn't mean I'm not fat.  Just like when I lose the weight.  Just because I'm not as thin as someone else, won't impact my body.  Everyone has different bodies, different types, and shapes.  It's what makes us wonderful.  But my body is my own, and it's got excess fat on it.

Point four....  "it's your imperfections that make you beautiful"
I'm sorry, is this actually a point here?  Because I DON'T RECALL SAYING I WASN'T BEAUTIFUL (in this conversation).
Also fat doesn't make ANYONE beautiful.  Who they are, what they're like and all the wonderful things that make them THEM make them beautiful.

So ugh, I'm fat.  It simply is what it is, and I'm not going to apologize for it. I am, however, going to keep working at losing the fat.  Because I want to.

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