Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In which, that was then and this is now

So a year ago I started a project when I turned 31 to take a photo of myself every single day for a year.  There were a few times I stumbled and put up older pix, but whatever, I overwhelmingly crushed the project.

See, I hate my face.  I hate my smile.  I hate my eyebrows.  I cannot stand my lips.  I think my cheeks are chubby.  My nose is my worst feature (on my face at least) and don't even get me started on my skin...

So yeah, I hate my face.

I figured that this project would help me learn to stop hating my face so much.

I won't lie and say it worked.  But I might have a deeper appreciation for camwhorish selfpix.  Though I'll happily go back to only posting the good ones.  (that whole month where I did nothing but cry... or the scene at the hospital... so not fun).

Anyhow, that project came to an end a few days ago and I wanted to think some more about what else might have changed in the last year.

A year ago, I went out once every six months (if that), now I go out about once a month.  I'd probably go out more if I wasn't so broke, haha.
A year ago, I used a deadend job I hated as an excuse to not do anything with my life.  Now, I still make excuses, but even I see them for what they are and do my best to crush them.
A year ago, I wore a standard uniform almost every day.  It consisted of jeans (or a long skirt), a tshirt and a blazer.  I still wear that, but the skirts are sometimes shorter, and sometimes I'll wear dresses or other funky things.
A year ago, my closet was almost entirely black.  Now it's still mostly black, but I've got 4 red dresses, 2 purple dresses, a green one and a blue.  Colour isn't so bad.
A year ago, I exercised rarely.  Now I tend to exercise 5-7 days a week (and don't forget the marathon training).
A year ago I was just a very different person than I am today.  And next year I expect to be even more different.

And now, I've got to stop making excuses to not exercise, and do the damned burpees that I'm dreading.

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