Saturday, April 6, 2013

In which Tryph has boobs, sometimes you see 'em, sometimes you don't

I was reading the inane ramblings of some douchebag who likes to yell on the internet (yes, I realize that's exactly what I'm doing, and I also realize I can be just as douchey... I'm self aware) who I won't name, or link because honestly this guy doesn't need any traffic, at all, ever.

ZOMG!  BEWBS!  I must be ASKING to be ogled
Anyhow, I was reading his ravings, or attempting to when I was hit with waves of disgust over how little this small minded man actually knows about the world, how it works, and that not everyone is like him (nor should they be). He likes to go on and on about sexism, feminism, rape culture, misogyny and various other Male vs Female type topics.  This, male, seems to think he's quite an expert and that the rest of the world is wrong for not viewing things the way he does.

The thing that I really needed to hammer out my thoughts on was the point he was trying to make about how when a woman goes out wearing an outfit that reveals/flatters part of her anatomy (whether it's low cut and hows off cleavage, or skin tight and shows off curves, etc) she obviously wants attention.

Now, I'm a rather well endowed woman in the chest area.  I know that when I wear a top that is low cut by 'average' womans standards, it becomes extremely low cut on me.  I am constantly aware of my chest and how much skin I'm showing off at all times, because honestly I don't want to deal with the attention (negative or otherwise) that comes with the territory.  There are times, however, that I do throw caution into the wind and wear something that shows more skin than usual.

You wanna know WHY I do that sometimes?

Obviously it's because I want to be ogled and leared at when I go out, right?

Nope.  I wear things like that because they make me feel good about myself and my body.  Honestly I don't give a rats ass if anyone is looking at me, or if I'm getting attention.  What matters is how I feel about it.

Now, like I said, I'm aware that when I show some skin, that people are going to notice it.  I'm not naive, I understand that men are hard wired to see hips, lips and breasts (some women too), but that doesn't mean that people are animals.  We are sentient beings.  We have this wonderful thing called FREE WILL, that gives us the ability to choose.  So yes, while I *know* my boobs are going to be looked at, I don't expect them to be ogled.  I shouldn't have to expect people to comment on them.

Just because you SEE something.  Just because you might even LIKE what you see, doesn't mean you HAVE to be an ass about it. No one has the right to make me feel like an object, whether you can see my boobs are not.  And it's sad that there are still so many people out there who don't agree.

In the end I feel sorry for them.  It's pretty obvious that they aren't truly human at all, seeing as how they don't have free will, and aren't in control of their actions.

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