Saturday, March 23, 2013

In which Tryph writes... Always a proisioner

She stands on the precipice
The edge of that which divides all
Promise of bondage unbound
Never before has she felt so small

Always alone and broken
The words fail her now
Always a solitary solider
It’s so hard to keep going on

Lost in the world all alone
Fighting to find her way back home
Promise of things lost being found
Never before has she been alone

Always alone and broken
Bondage all that she knows
Always a solitary prisoner
Why does she keep going on

The constant fight
The constant cage
Completely alone
The constant night
The constant rage
Swimming in sorrow

Finding her own self shattered
Broken and bleeding on the ground
Finding herself inside her
What was lost can never be found

Always alone and broken
Her heart could never heal
Always a solitary solider
In hopes to one day feel


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