Monday, March 25, 2013

In which Tryph talks about being a pescatarian

I don't eat meat, meaning chicken, pork and beef.  I still eat fish, and I eat very small amounts of dairy and egg, so I'm not a vegetarian, or a vegan.  I'm a pescatarian. 

chickpea burger with avocado
vegan and fucking delish
didn't taste like meat
I have chosen this lifestyle because simply put, my body couldn't process meat without a lot of discomfort.  It was something I didn't realize until I gave up meat on a whim a couple years back.  It was only supposed to be a month, but I didn't miss meat and felt healthier.  

Since I stopped eating meat, I have faced constant judgement about it, both direct and passive aggressive in nature.  I've been told how unhealthy it is to not eat meat.  I've been told I'll die at 50 because my body needs meat.  I've been told it's unnatural to not eat meat.  (strange how I've never faced any kind of judgement from my vegan friends, who I know believe that by eating eggs, dairy and fish means I'm still violating and destroying animals and are quite passionate about it).

This weekend was a bit of a pain in the ass though.  When faced with the question "why would vegans eat faux meat products?  Wouldn't they want to train themselves away from the taste of meat?" The answer is very simple, and one I gave freely "faux meat products do not taste like meat, they simply give you a medium similar enough to meat to replace in many recipes".  I understand the question though.

When I first stopped eating meat, I thought I would be "cheating" by eating faux products.  I voiced that, and I had a vegan simply ask "why would that be cheating?" I couldn't adequately reply to that, so I started eating them, and it made my transition into the pescatarian world that much easier.  

But I really need to overstate this here.  Faux chicken doesn't taste or feel like chicken at all.  Faux ground round, doesn't taste like ground beef.  Faux sausage and faux peperoni kind of do taste like the real stuff, but honestly both of those are just cast off animal bits and hardly any meat at all, so it's pretty easy to emulate with spices.  

The point is, if it tasted like meat, I wouldn't eat it.  The flavour of meat disgusts me.  

Once I was offered a potato chip flavoured like maple bacon.  I scoured the ingredients and all it had was "simulated bacon flavour" and no meat products in it.  So on a lark I tasted it.  I wound up spitting the chip out, and washing my mouth out with vodka and fire to get the taste to go away because it tasted so much like bacon it grossed me out.  Things that taste like meat are gross.

Try as I wanted though, this person wanted to cling to their idea that faux meat products taste like meat so it's confusing why vegetarians eat them.  I simply want to say to people who think that need to educate themselves and admit that they could be wrong sometimes.  I'd like to think I'm kind of an expert on this topic, the faux meat thing... because I eat it a couple times a week.  

So people, stop judging what you don't understand, and check your passive aggressiveness at the door.  

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