Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In which Tryph keeps babbling

I recognize that no one reads this damnable thing, and honestly I don't blame anyone one bit.

Given the choice to read or not read this, I wouldn't read it.  This blog contains the rants and babbles of a rather uninteresting person suffering from depression and anxiety in equal measure.

Don't get me wrong, I would love for this blog to generate discussion.  It used to, sometimes at least, and maybe it will again, but right now... right now it's just a platform for me to make my fingers move across the keyboard, and my mind forming sentences, thoughts and things to write about.

In short, I am trying to retrain my brain to write, something, anything, every single day.  I'm hoping that this will get me back to a place where I can get the worlds and voices of characters out of my head.

Wish me luck with that.


PChan said...

Tryph, my love, I do read this. I've read ever since I became your friend <3

Crash said...

Good luck. In all things, not just the writing.

Tryphyna said...

Oh PChan... that statement wasn't an accusation or anything like that. It's nice to know this is being read though. :)

And thanks Crash. Much appreciated. :)