Wednesday, April 6, 2011

in which tryph is burning out

My job is getting to the point where it's killing me.

It's not entirely the jobs fault, it's also the fact that I still live in Hell and currently have to bus in and out to get to work and back to Hell. It's a 12 hour day just in travel/work/linger before work. This doesn't include the hour or so it takes to get ready.

I basically work and sleep these days. which is awesome!

And then being AT work...

Things are going bad, the stress is piling on.

We're getting more organised. We have a new director who was hired on shortly after I can back after quitting. She and I have great visions of the company and how we want to mold the raw materials. It's just a matter of having the time to develop the things we need to on the backend, and to design programs (QA, Training, Coaching, Development, etc).

Any how, these long days are very long, and are making it difficult to get things I need to get done, DONE. Case in point, I need to get fitted for new bras. I also need new undies. I could use a few alterations to clothing, although I'm waiting a bit on that.

I'm burning out hardcore.

I'm hoping that this is the last week or two that they have me doing these crazy hours. We are starting to phase people in to the new roles that they were hired for. *fingers crossed*

Though, I foresee a few vacation days in use this summer. I'm declaring this summer the summer of Shana-nigans*!

*cos, you know, my name is Shana, and it's just cute to call them Shana-nigans, instead of shenanigans.

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