Monday, April 11, 2011

in which tryph is addicted

I have a habit of finding/downloading discographies.

Now, when it's a band I really like, I'll buy the CD's and replace my downloads with rips of the cd's. That's just how I am. Or I'll find Tshirts or something.

Either way, yes I pirate music, but I also find ways to support the bands I like.

Now, why am I an addict?

Well, I have over 80 gig of music spread over several harddrives. I Knew the number, but I didn't quite grasp the scope of what all I really had tucked away in there, until this last week.

See, I started sending a friend of mine music. Every day I'd send him about 20 or so songs (give or take) to give him a feel for what I'm like musically and how I connect with the world (because really that's what music always was for me, a way to connect to the world).

Anyhow, We did that for 4 days or so, and I realized that even with only sending one or two songs of all of the bands that I have, that I barely scratched the surface of what I've got.

I think I'm going to have to start with the music sharing around here to... and for this week I'm going to start with a Florence + the Machine song I know I've linked before, but it's worth linking again because it is my current theme song. Yes, I have themesongs.

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