Friday, April 8, 2011

In which Tryph intimidates pepole

When I go to work, I try to keep in mind that not everyone knows me, or what I'm really like.

I try to recognize that people are going to judge me on my looks, which is unfortunate, but true.

So keeping this in mind, I try to not wear too much eyeliner, or studs or things of that nature that may, and will put people off. especially considering I'm a coach, and a team leader, I kind of have to seem approachable. I think I do this well enough without compromising my personal style.

Now there's this one agent, that every time I nudge or coach (and I only give the little notes, and positive nudges) she jumps out of her skin. it's become something of a joke for me. I always insist that I'm really NOT that scary, and we laugh about it.

But yesterday, she said something interesting to me.

She commented that the less 'dark' I had on my eyes, the scarier I seemed. We laughed and I promised to wear more eyeliner in the future.

It's strange. I always wore less eyeliner to work because I didn't want to put people off, and yet, that did the exact opposite with this woman. I wonder if it's related at all to the idea I used to instill in the cast and crews I used to work with. That the bigger my grin, the better you should hide.

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Suze said...

I have similar problems at work: since I'm a TA, I need to be approachable, but my aesthetic can intimidate people. I have a pretty jokey/outgoing temperment, but I keep hearing word back from other TAs/professors about how scary I am. (What!?) I think it's the boots and tattoos. Some people always judge on basis of appearances, I guess. I don't think you are scary at all, but I also think some people could be threatened by your confidence.