Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In which Tryph makes a list

I make lists all the time. Lists, much like numbers, are ways that I can make things make sense. The more chaotic, the more lists.

Things I need to get in the next 2 months (furniture,boxes, driver and a moving truck)

Things I need to do in the next 2 months (open new bank account, firm up apartment, pack)

Things I won't miss when I move out in 2 months
  • people stealing my towel (seriously, it sucks to step out of the shower go to dry off and find your towel is wet)
  • people stealing my razer (I just don't share well)
  • the incessant smell of catpee (there are so many cats in this house that it seems that none of them want to use the litter box on a regular basis)
  • having to handle and cook meat from time to time. (ew)
  • having to clean up after other peoples messes
  • living in helland
  • half waking up to find unwelcome hands stroking my skin and a voice whispering "I Love You"
  • leaving for work 3.5 hours before I have to be there
  • being far away from my friends
  • not having privacy
  • not having freedom

And things I WILL miss when I move out in two months
  • Snuggling with BC in the morning
  • Ninjaing into his room when I get home from work to give him kisses and whisper 'I love you baby' as he sleeps.
  • Falling asleep with cats on top of me, warm and purring
  • the fireplace
  • my own laundry facilities (I kind of hate laundromats)
  • the giant TV (I admit it, it grew on me)
I'm sure there are other things to add to both lists, but I think that's a good start for now.

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