Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Which Tryph has an identity crisis

So, we all know that I haven't been myself lately, and all things considered I think it's understandable, but at the end of the day I haven't been myself.

So last week I went into the office dressed in one of my 'normal' type outfits. It consisted of a pair of jeans, a white ruffled blouse, and the military jacket I tend to call my 'Sgt. Pepper' jacket. I thought I looked nice, not my rockstar self, but nice all the same. The kind of look I'm comfortable wearing to the office, and don't feel like I'm compromising myself.

Well, that is until someone commented that I looked like I had just stepped out of the Sears catalogue. I normally let comments like this roll off my back. I mean, my personal style is a little crazy at times, but I like to keep the world off balance because you never know what I'm going to end up wearing out. Sometimes it's a total officey outfit, others it's a fancy party dress. More often than not I'm trying to find a way to make tshirts seem corporate casual, and quite successful at it.

But last week... given my emotional state I wasn't able to let this comment slide.


I wound up wearing an awful outfit to work the next day. It was totally something from them 80's glamrock scene... and extra terrible. It ended up making me feel worse about my own personal style and sparked a pretty hardcore identity crisis. I'm still in the midst of it.

I have an order of a pair of dresses from Hottopic coming this week that I'm hoping will help get me through this. And once SockDreams hits 25K 'likes' on failbook they're going to give all us a 20% off coupon code... so I'll be adding more stockings, tights and leggings to my collection.

I'm still the same girl I always was. I'm still my own rockstar. I just feel like I'm losing myself, and hope that burying myself in epic clothes helps me find who I am again. <3

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