Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In which Tryph declares this letter writing week...

Dearest Intarwebz...

I'm not sure where I would be without you.

Quite literally, all of the friends I have (internet based and real life) are all people I have come to know and love because of you.

And this blog, where I write my letters. I have this because I have the internet. I feel like I have more of a voice than ever before. And I sincerely do have the best of friends ever. From the few real lifers, to the TKC to the various other twitter peeps I've picked up on the way, I no longer know what I would do without them.

It's because of these people, these amazing few that I make it a point to carry you, dear internet, in my pocket where ever I go. It's because of these people that I know, as I enter a very dark period of my life, that I know I will find a way to persevere and move on with my life.

And I feel compelled to send a quick shout out to The Spiritual Hobo, a person who found my blog last week as I found my life slipping out of control. He's left a few comments for me since then... And it's began to help to put the pain in my life into perspective. Read the comment he left on my last blog post...

Anyhow, Thank you Intarwebz. Thank you for being there, and allowing me to find people who love me for me, and help pick me up when I fall.

Love always,

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