Monday, February 14, 2011

In which Tryph Rants a little bit

What is a soapbox without a bit of ranting now and again?

so today is Valentines day.

You'd think I'd be all gaga about it, being in love and stuff... but clearly, I am not that kind of girl.

I've always been of the mind that Valentines day is a bit of horseshit.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea of celebrating love, and sharing it with the world. I love the idea of showering your loved ones with gifts and trinkets. And even this jaded girl who isn't much for flowers, knows that everybody (male or female) likes to get flowers now and again...

I just hate the fact that HallMark decided that February 14 is the day that you HAVE to do it.

I've always been of the mind that people should celebrate their love 24/7/365. They should buy flowers when the feeling moves them to. They should shout "I Love You" from the roof tops any day of the week.

I'm in love every single day of the week. Not just today. So while I don't fault anyone for celebrating it themselves... I really won't be into the spirit of it all myself.

(though it's important to note that I wasn't above sending a text to BBFE at midnight securing him as my valentine... A girl has to cover all her bases)

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