Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In which Tryph gets away with A LOT

So... I'm wondering if I could get away with murder.

I sincerely think I might be able to sometimes.

Okay, maybe not actual MURDER, but I know I get away with a lot. More than most people do I think. In the workplace that is.

Last October I got promoted at work. I loved my job, but things started to shift and the pressure started to get to me. Lumped with all the 'real life' stuff I was dealing with (and still am really) I ended up telling them all to Die In A Fire and walked out.

They then offered me my old role, which I didn't accept within the time frame the told me I had to accept it.

I then called in sick for a week straight before going back.

And now I've been back for 3 weeks... and they want, nay expect, me to start training people this week. So much so that they've already discussed it with the new director, who I imagine will be my direct boss who in turn mentioned it to me.

So yeah... I'm pretty sure that's not the normal way things work in the workplace... but it seems to be working for me. Lets see if I don't go psycho again.

(boring post is boring, I know. But I'm tired, grumpy and woke up from the worst dream possible... so yeah... I don't have much else to write about)

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