Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In which Tryph considers cheating

You all know that last October I stopped eating meat. I still eat things like fish and seafood so I'm not a vegetarian, but I am a pescatarian.

Anyhow... I took stock of the food that I ate this last week and started to wonder if I'm cheating myself.

You see, I live with 2 meat eaters, and more often than not I'm very involved in the making of dinner (the few days of the week I'm home). This tends to result in me making something very similar for myself.

For example:

Sunday morning we had breakfast. The boys had bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns. I on the other hand had hash browns, eggs and veggie breakfast links.


A few weeks ago I made shepherds pie for the boys and 'nerf herder' pie for myself. The only real difference is that I gave them real beef and beef gravy, and I used veggie ground round and a white gravy for mine. (It was super tasty by the by)

And it got me thinking. I keep eating these fake meat products... am I cheating myself at this pescatarian thing?

What are your thoughts veggie people?


Melina and Denise said...

I'm vegan and I eat lots of faux meat products. Why not? They are delicious! How do you feel you are cheating yourself exactly?

It sounds like you are doing an awesome job at sticking to it in spite of the meat eating in your house. I have to recommend (because I tell everyone) the book 'The Kind Diet' by Alicia Silverstone. She's coming from a vegan perspective but half the book is just tons of info about nutrition and stuff that I would have never known. And not a single recipe we've tried has been bad. YUM!

Have you tried seitan? Really cheap and full of protein. Let me know and I'll send you the best link I found for making it. We make it once every couple of weeks and freeze it.

Oh heck, here it is if you want it.


Tryphyna said...

I just wasn't sure if "real" vegetarians ate stuff like that... or if they'd think I was cheating on vegetarianism by eating faux meats.

I'll defs check out the book... and I've never heard of seitan. I'll have to look into it :)