Friday, November 19, 2010

In which Tryph puts out the hat...

So I've been talking about having a big DO for my 3oth (well it won't just be my party, my dear MAP will be celebrating as well)

Anyhow, the idea for my birthday is that there are going to be fancy dresses, and tea and a bouncy castle. All epic fun stuff for someone turning 30.

And so we have the outfit I'm putting together. A Tiara, a dress and an epic necklace. The dress I haven't settled on, but I'm pretty sure I've found the tiara and the necklace I plan to wear to my party. Here's the problem. Together they're just shy of $500 (Canadian) dollars.

That my friends, just won't happen on my budget. There are a few things that I plan to do in the next year, and sadly I just can't do them all, all things considered. So, here's where you come in faithful readers.

You have to know that I really hate the idea of doing this, but when you see the necklace and the tiara, you'll understand WHY I'm doing this.

I put a donate button on my page. Now I'm not asking for straight up donoations. You give me money, I'll give you something in return. Likely a print of one of my photos, you can either choose something I've already taken or I'll take one just for you.

So yeah... here's the stuff I wanna get...
I showed this to one of my coworkers and she asked me 'did you know that there was a tiara out there that was MADE FOR YOU?' and I laughed, but I think she may be right. This tiara HAS to be mine.

And then the necklace...

So umm... yeah... if you wanted to help a girl have an epic 30th birthday (which incidentally will also be something of a kick off party for my new life) and get a piece of art in return... feel free to click the donate button on the side there.

Less than three ya all faithful readers

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