Saturday, October 30, 2010

In which Tryph talks Hallowe'en fashion

So yeah, I'm a day late for this one, and two days for the one that's just not going to get written. But I figure my faithful readers will forgive me when I tell them that I've actually been sleeping lately, and that doesn't happen often.

ANYHOW... Halloween* fashion.

I thought about ranting about people dressing 'goth' for Halloween, but then I really thought about it. People dress as doctors and nurses and other real life figures that aren't REALLY costumes. So I can't really bitch if someone calls goth a costume, I guess.

And yesterday at work, since it was my last work day before the holiday, I decided I'd dress up a little. Knowing that no one else in the office had decided to dress up at all, I figured I'd keep my costume 'light' and simply wear my devil horns.

also, I opted to pull a few things out of my closet that never get worn to work.

I wish I'd gotten a pic or two, because damn, I was TOTALLY that sexy nerd girl!

Anyhow, todays rant involves slutty Halloween costumes. Now I get it, Halloween is a time where you get to dress up as something you normally wouldn't dress as. But I just don't get the idea of wearing lingerie and calling it a costume. And really, that's what all of it is.

Maybe it's just because I have too much self respect to dress like a slut, but tell me, why do so many women go that route?

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eva said...

I dressed as an old haggard woman for halloween this year. I was very convincing. I kind of think people treated me the way I looked as well - as an old haggard woman.. people usually pay me more attention. It made me realize why girls usually dress as sexy nurses, sexy witches, sexy devils, sexy whatever.. and not like old, wrinkly awful characters. How sad.