Friday, October 15, 2010

In which Tryph is NOT that girl

At work last week I was talking about reading material with one of the girls there.

She related "sometimes I flip through fashion magazines", and said it like it was a dirty little secret. Something to be ashamed of.

Now, those who know me, especially long time readers know that I LOVE fashion. I may not know much about it, or really care to clothe myself fashionably (I prefer style to fashion, there IS a difference) I tend to keep up with what is trendy, because I do sometimes get ideas from what's current.

So I laughed and told her that I've got a few subscriptions to a few fashion mags.

She was literally shocked.

She really didn't know how to take it, and end up saying to me "but you're not THAT girl! I'd expect.... " and then she started to name the girls she'd expect to keep up with fas
hion trends.

Now, I didn't take offence to this. I'm NOT that girl. Not really. But I kind of hate being stereotyped. I hate being pigeonholed into the girl who has kooky style (but does it well) and can't keep up with the trends.

so I responded to this comment by taking it as a challenge.

When I went into work on Tuesday, I came up with a normal outfit (just your basic skirt, tights, long sleeved shirt and vest combo) and straight hair.

It was amazing the response I got.

People didn't recognize me.

And the girl who said I wasn't THAT girl... called me glamorous. Score one for the weird chick.

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