Thursday, October 14, 2010

In which Tryph forsakes meat

Without saying anything that's TOO TMI, I'll tell you that my body has a hard time with meat. Always has.

SO, when I heard that October 1 was International Vegetarian Day, I figured I'd go meat free for the day. But you know me faithful readers. I don't do things half way.

I decided for at the very least, the month of October, I'd be meat free. I want to see how my body responds and to determine if this veggie thing is for me. It might be, it might not be, but I want to give my body a fair shake at this, you know?

And since then, save for one hiccup, I've been a meatless girl.

I have to tell you, beyond the strange psychological cravings (I almost picked up a processed meat stick thing at the convenience store... I don't even LIKE those things!) it's not been hard to eliminate meat. The hard thing is my friends and family who are LESS than supportive.

The manthing, is ashamed to admit to his family that I (well, sort of we, because he's not eating meat at home, but when out he'll eat whatever) am veggie girl. So, Thanksgiving dinner was difficult, since all of the side dishes were either made with, or filled with meat. (I wound up eating salad, mashed potatoes and squash, all very tasty, but not a fulfilling meal IMO) And then when we went out last Saturday, everyone encouraged me to eat chicken wings. I was weak willed, and I ate 'em. But, slips happen. I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

Honestly, I'm glad I had that slip. It showed me how hard it was to break down the meat proteins.

I'm not quite half way through the month, and I can honestly say that I'm not missing meat that much. I was kind of depressed the other night and craving cheese burgers (they're my go to food when sad, or drunk) but I resisted.

I'm going to need to work on new recipes and such for things to eat. Especially the green leafy things (spinach etc) because my anemia is kicking up into high gear without the weekly hit of red meat I got used to. I'm taking an iron supplement, but I HATE taking that little pill. It's so awful, but for now it's either that or bruise.


so tell me your take, veggie, or meaty? What about vegan? any words of wisdom?

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eva said...

I don't buy meat when I'm on my own since I know too much about the meat industry, but I eat(and enjoy) it when I get it served.

I think it's often the texture and seasoning people crave, and not the meat itself. Also, if one has always had meat for dinner, it takes a bit of effort to figure out what else one can eat that will be as tasty, rich and filling. It's a matter of habit, and it takes practice & time to adjust!

You probably know this, but anyway: iron can't get absorbed by the body without vitamin C, -so make sure you get enough of that. There's tons of iron in dark green stuff, mmm..broccoli;) Good luck with the vegetables, I admire vegans.