Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In which Tryph experiences fear and loathing in the workplace

Oh and add this to the list of movies that I need to see. Fear and Loathing. Just sayin'.

So I've been at my workplace for just over 3 months now (out of my probationary period, YAAY!!) and well on my way to getting into the inner circle with my 2 bosses and the psuedo boss (he's a director of business development, but not really a direct report).

But there are troubles in paradise. Not for ME, really, but for a few of the others.

See, we let 2 people go last week.

Now, for the enlightened employee, it's not a big deal. These two weren't preforming, and had been coached a lot and didn't seem to be doing anything differently. One actually, had a habit of coming into work and laying in their chair all day every day half asleep. they actually PASSED out at a staff meeting.

Anyhow, these two got let go, and they immediately hired 2 more people to replace the attrition. Now, this SHOULD tell you that they're not looking to downsize. It SHOULD tell you that they're simply cutting their losses and felt it was better to start off fresh. And from a personal stand point, it's hard to take. It's hard to miss people you've gotten to know. But from a business stand point, I felt they took way too damned long to get rid of those two.

There are other things too, things that I listen to them rant about regarding coaching, and stuff... and it's getting harder and harder. It's so juvenile at points, and really shouldn't be. Seriously people, just apply your coaching, ask questions, and do your damned job.

I tell them "trust me" because I'm not the top performer, and yet I've made it passed my 3 months. But you know paranoia, and how it spreads.

This is miss Tryph, smiling and nodding while trying to hold her tongue.

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