Wednesday, October 27, 2010

in which tryph drinks the koolaid

I'm not anti Apple products.

But, they've never suited my lifestyle. I mean, I'm a gamer, and Mac's are shit for gaming.
And for music, I always preferred Miss Zennie to take care of my music needs.

I had entertained the idea of getting an Air at one point, but that was quickly kiboshed, by the pricetag.

I mean really, the way I see it, sure a Mac is far more stable... but is it really worth paying twice as much as the hardware is worth? Not in my opinion, unless you have a REASON to get one.

Anyhow... the debate waged about the phone I was going to get for myself. Realistically, I had wanted to get the Droid2, which had everything on my wishlist of phone features (touch screen, full keyboard, and a high(ish) resolution camera with a flash)

Now this phone is not yet available in Canada, but I was prepared to patiently wait until December to get myself a new phone. As much as I loved Frankie, he was a dinosaur, and needed to be replaced.

then something happened that ALWAYS happens.

the manthing washed his phone, and it died a miserable death. Granted it WAS my old phone before Frankie. I got frankie because he washed the phone before that... see the trend?

Anyhow, he washed the phone and I had to move my timeline up... So... I got the iPhone 4. It had 2 out of 3 of the things I wanted... and the camera on the phone can't be beat. My favorite photographer even does workshops on shooting with the iphone...


So I drank the apple koolaid, and I've got an iPhone4. My first ever apple product.


eva said...

Haha at the manthing for washing his phone.. TWICE! My younger brother just washed his.. and another boy I know managed to drop his brand new phone in the toilet. Bahaha. Anyway, I'm envious of your new gadget! Hey, I know you play a lot of games, and are into game culture - do you think the concept art drawing I posted on my blog looks like concept art??? Can you see it as a game character?

Tryphyna said...

Oh he's washed 4 phones in the last 18 months. Not to mention the ones before that. They've met lakes, the ground, and various other deaths. It's quite sad really!

As for the character... I totally can! And I'm not sure how I missed it, but I didn't actually check my blogreader last night... I love your art so much!!

eva said...

Thanks for taking a look, I consider you a gaming pro, so I wanted your opinion;) I think she's a bit plain though, should probably do more elaborate stuff.
Jeez- are you sure your man isn't damaging his phones on purpose?? Even *I* don't have that bad a history with my gadgets.. maybe I'm better at looking after my stuff than I thought!