Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In which Tryph doesn't sleep

Day 25 – Your sleeping habits

There isn't much to say about my sleeping habits, or lack there of as seems to be the case.

Ya'll know the basics of my troubled childhood, an a troubled childhood often involves trouble sleeping. Well, I was an insomniac when I was 8, and have been dealing with (and at times nearly crippled by) it ever since.

I'll tell you a story about what it was like trying to find a way to sleep when I was about 13 or so.

My mother had just gotten married, and at the wedding they'd had a keg machine. Now, you need to keep in mind that my step father drank a lot, my mother is an alcoholic, and their friends were often drunk/passed out at the house.

I saw this keg machine as an opportunity.

I'd see all these people SLEEPING after they drank too much beer. So I figured if I drank beer too, I might sleep. SO I got an empty pop bottle, and filled it with the strongest beer in the keg, and promptly hid it in my bedroom.

Little did I know that my room was going to be tossed that day in hopes of fixing an electrical problem. And the bottle was found. And my parents thought I was drinking for the sake of drinking.

They never listened to me when I told them that I wanted to sleep.

Anyhow, they decided to get me really really drunk. So the following weekend, they played drinking games with me and their friends. It was pretty lamesauce parenting, but it did teach me that I didn't want to drink in excess.

And I still didn't sleep.

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