Thursday, September 2, 2010

Without them, Tryph wouldn't be here...

Day 03 – Your parents

This one is fairly easy to get into.

I haven't seen my father in 24 years, and I have very little memory of him. I remember he used to pop his head into my room in the morning before going to work because I told him I missed him when he was gone all day and night. I remember trying to 'help' mommy get him into the bathroom when he was blackout drunk.

And I remember his prone figure on the the living room floor as we fled into the night with my evil uncle.

There's one more memory, but it's very sketchy and it involves him breaking down doors and screaming and yelling at our new house in this town.

I suppose I could talk about my step father too, but I just don't want to, so I'll skip to my mom.

I love my mom.
and I hate her.

She's the most judgmental, small minded, and gossipy woman I know. I really don't understand how someone like me could come from someone like her. My mom raised me on her own, and you'd think her influence would have rubbed off on me. And sadly some things have. I can manipulate people like a pro (although I don't like doing it, so I don't) and I can lie with the best of them (or tell the truth like it's a lie).

I love my mom.
but she's not my friend.

I always wanted her to be my friend, but I just don't have the feeling that I can trust her, you know?

I love my mom.

but she's never going to know the real me. I'm pretty sure she'd be nice to my face, and then gossip behind my back. (and this is based on the fact that I've SEEN her do this in the past to her other 'friends')

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