Friday, September 3, 2010

In Which Tryph sings at the top of her lungs

Day 04 – Your music

This one is terribly easy.

I am one of the most musically eclectic people you will ever meet.

that right there, is my lifeline.

that device is my 30 gig creative zen, and she's been through a lot with me. She's a device without a name, but she does have a title. She is TEH ZEN. Mostly because she gives me a sense of zen when I need it, you know? Anyhow, she goes everywhere with me, most of the time. If I'm on a train or a bus, or a plane or a car (depending on who's driving), she's with me, charged and ready.

Every day as I head into work, I set it to play a random album. When the first one finishes, I get it to play a second random album. At any given time, I can flip from Bowie, to the tea party, the pixies, tori, freezepop, splashdown, Johnny Cash android lust and more.

I'm the kind of person that music can, not so much alter but, enhance my moods. For example. I was wearing highheels for the first time in years the other day and China Girl came on and I immediately started to STRUT. It was pretty brills.

Anyhow... I love music, and there are very few types of music I don't like.

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