Thursday, September 23, 2010

In which Tryph remembers

Day 17 – Your favorite memory

I can't honestly say I have a lot of good memories.

Not that they're all BAD memories, but the good memories are just harder to find among all the bad.

Some would think that the day I got married would be a favorite memory, but it's not. I was so hot, tired, stressed out and hugely pregnant that I couldn't WAIT for the day to be over.

Or the day my son was born. Don't get me wrong, that day was pretty EPIC all things considered, but it was mixed with drugs, and pain and really... not really favorite material, in my opinion.

The night I met the manthing? not so much (t'was alcohol soaked and such)

The day I bought my house? Nope.

so what is my FAV memory?

Part of me wants to cop out on this one and say that it's ever changing, and it depends on the mood and the moment. Which, if we're all honest with each other, is entirely true. I mean, my favourite memory when I'm feeling romantic is different from when I'm feeling maternal, and can be completely different based on where I am.

Take for instance last weekend. I was absolutely consumed with memories of creamy cauliflower soup. The Harvest Barn across from my school had the BEST creamy cauliflower soup, so that and their cheese sticks bring back some of the best moments of highschool.

Anyhow, in my debate to find a memory that I deem my FAVORITE I lamented to WTFA, at which point he said "there's got to be a memory involving the boy that makes you smile" (paraphrase)

And there are many many memories of me and my little boy, and there will be many many more in the time to come.

Some memories of me and the boy....
  • When he used to introduce himself as Boy SUPER PENGUIN Child (obviously his name isn't really boychild, but imagine boy as his first name and child as his last). He'd always sigh heavily and give you a look of "what kind of idiot are you" when he'd say that. Later super penguin became super kitty... but that's a whole other story.
  • Listening to him and his best friend laugh and giggle and argue. They were so cute together. She had a firey temper and would take the boy on! I remember this one time that they were fighting over something and he said to her "you know, you didn't teach me a lesson" and she turned on him, fists clenched, "you want a lesson? I'll GIVE YOU a lesson".
  • And the time that he turned to my mom and said "I don't get told, I do the telling!"
  • Finally, the random foods that he eats. Bacon in cookies and cream oatmeal. Peanut butter, ham, jam, honey, lettuce and mayo sandwiches. Mustard on corn.
but a FAVORITE? I can't say I like any one of those memories more than any other. And I can't wait to make more memories as time goes on.

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