Friday, September 24, 2010

In which Tryph is born

Day 18 – Your favorite birthday

My favorite birthday has not happened yet.

Let me back track a little.

Growing up, birthdays weren't the big deal I always hoped they'd be. Lame bbq's, and equally lame sleep overs. Just not so much fun for the socially awkward girl who really didn't have many REAL friends.

One year we went to the circus with 2 of my friends, and that was pretty epic. I rode an elephant. That was also epic.

You know, I don't even get a birthday cake anymore. I haven't gotten one in years. I generally have to share with my step father who has a birthday 3 days prior to mine.

Anyhow... the birthday that I declare the BEST hasn't happened yet, but it will in 8 months, give or take.

MAP's birthday is a few weeks before mine, and we've decided to do something rather special for it.

We're having a princess party.

I plan to get a tiara, and a fancy dress (that I haven't settled on yet) and there's talk of a bouncy castle, and I want a cupcake tower. AND... I plan to stream it on the internet for my far away friends who can't come to my party (tho I'd love it if they could).

So yeah, my favorite birthday hasn't happened yet :)

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