Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In which Tryph falls in love

Day 02 - My First Love

Now, there are a couple of directions I could take this.

The first, and probably most obvious is not where I'll go. I've touched on the subject of the first boy I ever loved, and I don't think I need to cover THAT one anymore than I already have.

So, I'll take this in another direction.

My first love is writing, and always has been.

Ever since I was a kid, even at 5, I wanted to write. I created stories and worlds, and people. I've lived in my head, always creating and thriving there. If I'm entirely honest with you, and myself, the only place I've truly thrived in life is in my head.

When my kindergarten teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I told her I wanted to be a novelist.

And I remember a time when I had to speak to a judge when I was maybe 6 or so, and he asked me what I kinds of things I liked to do. I spoke honestly and truly about what my goals and aspirations were. I told him I wanted to write and make up stories.

My mother almost DIED.

She figured that a little girl telling a judge that she wanted to be a writer/storyteller would make the judge think she lied about her evil uncle.

Anyhow, even as a little girl, I had fallen in love with the written word, and ever since then words have been my lover and my armour.

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