Monday, August 9, 2010

In which you'll have to excuse Tryph....

she's not at her best.

I'm still in deep grieving mode. I'm still broken, and everything still hurts.

So, while my mind is filled with the brief moments I had with a person who was truly one of a kind, my Music Monday post will be a tribute to him.

Now, part of me thinks I should give you some Bone Thugs N Harmony, because of the love he had for that band... but I don't think Mojo would really appreciate it. I used to tease him mercilessly about my hatred for that band, and I can't change who I am, right?

Anyhow, where our musical tastes did overlap was in the world of Jazz.

So, follow me down the rabbit hole that he created for me one evening.

Start with this.

(right click, open in new window/tab)
(this is a link that I use often... it makes so much music moar better)

Then listen to the jazz....

Then this...

Then take a trip trip trip with me....

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