Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Which Tryph is a social gamer

Last week I was asked a question that kind of struck me funny.

"don't you get lonely when you play a game all by yourself?"

It kind of made me laugh, because the J!nx Community asked a question this week regarding the relevancy of single player missions in gaming.

And my thoughts, are kind of this....

I love gaming, in pretty much every form, but I would classify myself as a social gamer. I love playing games that other people are playing as well. Now, this doesn't mean that I don't like playing the GAME alone, but it does mean that I'd like to be able to talk about the game with other people.

Take Borderlands, as a for instance. Yes, I was playing it through with the hubs, but I did finish the game, twice, on my own. I did so, mostly in part because I was talking to other gamers about the game, how they played it, the classes they played it, and because they had either finished or were close to finished it. But I did play it alone, for the most part.

I like to be able to play WITH people too. This is what makes games like L4D2, and WoW so appealing to me. I have a hard time being social in real life, so I tend to socialize online. Not a BAD thing, just how it is, really.

And while I LOVE my multiplayer co-op games (I mean, I'm really excited about F3ar because of the multiplay aspect) I'm always going to come back to the single player games too.

I don't know where I was going with this post, but these are my thoughts, I suppose...

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