Thursday, August 26, 2010

In which Tryph is quick

I've probably covered this before, but I don't have the time to check.

A couple of my internet besties are getting married in the next few months and they've got a dilemma on their hands.

To change their name or not to change their name.

Now, this is something that never really occurred to me.

While my first name isn't RARE, it's not common. You'll almost never find my name engraved on anything without a special request. I was never going to get a travel mug with my name on it either. It's just NOT common. When I use my full first name (meaning use the hyphen) it gets even more uncommon and into the realm of rare.

So, being a young woman who hated everything involved with my previous last name, I opted to change it when I got married, without a second thought.

9 years later, I wish I had carefully considered the repercussions of changing my name. while I don't have a BAD last name (it's actually quite pretty, and it's nice to have a last name that's a touch more common - people mess it up less) It just doesn't SUIT me.

(and it's not a prime number of letters)

So here I sit... debating what to do about my name.

I'll never ever go back to the old name, because of the negative connotations, but I think it'd just be weird to go changing my name now.

One of my ideas was to just drop the last name, and make the Marie my last name. so I'd be Shana Marie.

I dunno... but I've gotta run.

cathya lates

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