Friday, August 20, 2010

In which Tryph... doesn't even have a subject line

Deadlines are kicking my ass this week. I kind of took a day off from LIFE and forgot to properly buffer up before I left.


I'm flakey, you're already used to that, right Faithful Readers?

Anyhow... I do have a couple of style comments.

first, I need to go to the city and shop more. I was window shopping with LLV this week, and there are so many places to go, so many things to look at, and so many clothes that I want.


okay, I really don't have a second. all I know is that I need to get PAID so I can shop and buy more clothes for my wardrobe. I need more clothes of epic win, and sadly my town isn't full of epic win, at all, ever.

that's pretty much it, althought although I think I did have other points to make, but I've got just over an hour to finish getting ready, and write a Lavendra post... so... yeah, rushed girl is rushed.


eva said...

Hello rushed girl, I'm still amazed that your mother googles you, I would feel invaded! Jeez she might even be reading this comment! Public announcement to parents out there: Don't google your fucking children, it will just upset you!!! Or annoy you, or whatever.
I also need new clothes, I think I would have enjoyed shopping with you if I lived closer, I like your geeky t-shirts.

Tryphyna said...

Yeah... my mom is kinda creepy and sometimes pries. I think she thinks I don't confide in her enough... but... there are reasons I don't.

I'd LOVE to go shopping with you! Who knows, maybe one day we can! ^_^