Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In which Shana Geeks out with her boychild

Even I have to question my decisions as a parent from time to time.

My child is almost 9 (Oh dear lord, he's almost 9) and he's a budding geek like me. It makes me rather proud to know he's mine :)

Anyhow, he can quote Star Wars as good, if not better than me. He loves the Princess Bride, and wants to learn how to play DnD so he can get his own set of dice. He's beat a number of games on the Wii, DS and our old game cube, and has moved on to pc games.

Now that said, PC gaming is a new thing for him. The games tend to be a lot more difficult, and they're often far more intense than the games he has played in the past (i.e. Super Mario, Metroid, Sonic) so while he can do it, he's generally nervous about stuff jumping out at him.

(I'm pretty sure I scarred him for life... I would shriek out loud while playing FEAR and FEAR2 so I think he now thinks all computer games are like that)

So, trying to break him into the whole idea of computer gaming I got him to play Portal. Which he did, and managed to complete it with VERY LITTLE help from me in a matter of a few hours.

Since then, I've tried to get him to play Halflife 2, and Bioshock to no avail. He becomes rather paralyzed by the idea that something is going to jump out and 'get' him, and he shuts the game off.

I came up with a way to combat this.

Cooperative game play.

So the boychild and I started playing Left 4 Dead (both 1 and 2) because while stuff does kind fo jump out at you, it's a) not often and b) he's not alone.

I have to tell you, he's not GREAT, but he is pretty darned good(we've only played on Normal thus far... didn't want to overwhelm the child). He's got the makings of a gamer there... once I can get him past the being scared part.

Back, just for one sec, to the opening line. I question my parenting simply because I'm encouraging my child to kill zombies. *shrug* the way I see it he'll be prepared for when (note WHEN) the Zombie Apocalypse happens.

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eva said...

My boyfriend plays all those games, he says they're for older boys so no wonder your kid is scared ;) My brother once got so frightened by a zombie or whatever that jumped at him in a game, that he fell out of the sofa, hahaha.