Monday, August 2, 2010

In which Shana Covers Music Monday

Everyone has favorite songs, and this is no different for people in the music industry. The only difference is that musicians have the ability to pay homage to the songs and the artists that they love by covering their music.

I've been kind of moody lately, not without reason, but moody all the same.

So @Joe_Hill tweeted the other day
'Love that @amandapalmer cover of "High and Dry." Sounds almost like prayer.' and that got me thinking... I could use a prayer of sorts right now. So I moseyed over to her bandcamp site and gave Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magical Ukulele.

Anyhow, after giving it a listen, I started to feel a little bit better, and I got a bright idea.

Why not find out what cover songs my friends and loved ones like?

So I asked on Failbook and twitter.

I have to tell you, I was immediately overwhelmed and loving it.

I now have a LOT of coversongs to work with, and think I'll be doing several posts on the subject in the coming months. I just love how many people have cover songs that they're so passionate about. Oh, and the BEST part? no one duplicated ANY of the cover songs. Sure 1 song got repeated, but with several different artists covering it.

This, my friends, because I didn't take the necessary time (between family obligations, work and sleep) is the song I'll be sharing the covers of this week.

First, we've got the original done by Trent and company...

Next a version I don't like a lot, but isn't BAD in the grand sense of covers. It's by Pink Balloons....

Pink Balloons - [NIN] Hurt Cover
Uploaded by Monsieur_B_. - Explore more music videos.

Then, a live version by Sevendust, which is quite nice if you ask me.

And of course I'd have to include an Amanda Palmer cover, as she was the inspiration for the whole damned blog. I've got two covers, one video I'll include and the second is a link.

I'm including THIS LINK because while I prefer the video that I've included better, I really think the version with the Boston pops REALLY captures the beauty of the song, and I feel it would be remiss to NOT include it, you know?

Then comes Jeff Martin's cover of it. There isn't much I can say about this version, or Jeff Martin. I don't have enough space.

This version... this version here disturbs me. And trust me, it takes a lot to disturb me. After watching this video, I felt like a part of my childhood died. You kind of have to watch the video, and have a love for muppets to get what I mean about the childhood thing.

The final cover is probably the BEST cover I've ever heard of the song. I have a Love/Love relationship with Johnny Cash, and I think his covers album was absolutely BRILLIANT. There isn't enough awesomeness I can say about this cover.

That's it for the Hurt edition of Music Monday. I hope to take more time (and avoid family this weekend) to do up another covers post next week with a few of the other songs that people recommended to me.

Thanks for coming out faithful readers.

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