Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lifestory - a touch of whimsy

Happy Canada Day everyone!

I figured today I'd tell you something about myself from my childhood, as it's been on my mind lately, as a result of something someone said. Instead of dwelling on the terrible, I figured I'd tell you something whimsical from way back when.

When people talk about totem animals, they'd always look at me strangely when I said I thought I had spider somewhere in there. Spiders aren't animals... and honestly there wasn't ever really an animal that I identified with, but I've always had an affinity for spiders, even as a little girl.

I spent a lot of time on my own, secluded in my room with the door closed and the windows covered. (the curtains were often open, but in the house I'm talking about had shrubs in front of the windows)

I'd sometimes read, I'd sometimes just lay there and daydream, but the first thing I'd always do is I'd create a web.

I always had a stash of yarn, twine, string, you name it... and what I'd do is randomly string it around the room, attaching it to the various things in the room.

The door knob, the dresser, cupboards, my bunk beds etc. It made it difficult to move, but it was something I was always happy to do. Looking at my 'web' in my room always made me happy, and made me feel a strange sense of calm.

Sometimes I'd attach things to my strings, bells, crystals, keychains etc.

The only sad thing about my web is that I never managed to leave it up for long. I was always afraid my mother would come in and find it. For some reason I thought she'd be royally pissed if she did find my room in that state.

Either way, I would undertake this task at least once a week (on the weekend) and sometimes more during the summer.

This, faithful readers, is why I identify with spiders.

Doesn't stop me from not liking them or their venom much. But allergies are like that.

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