Monday, July 12, 2010

In which Shana Sinks into the past

So, yeah... it's almost 3:30am, so I make no claims for whether or not this will be a post of any real substance, but I'll do my best.

Way back when I had a friend who had the BEST taste in music. I seriously had not met anyone else who had musical tastes so similar to my own that they could introduce me to music that WASN'T metal that I like, a lot.

This friend introduced me to two bands. The first, I'll cover at some point I'm sure, was Great Big Sea, and the second, which I'm covering this morning, is Spirit of The West.

SOTW is a very Canadian band, and those who are familiar with the Canadian music scene will agree with me. Anyhow, they get love this week because last Tuesday I broke down and cried while listening to "And if Venice is Sinking".

It just reminded me how beautiful life really can be. And that sometimes that beauty hurts like a bitch.

Anyhow... I'm going to attempt to boil SOTW down into 7 songs. This is a VERY tall order for a band that is as near and dear to my heart as this one is.

1 - Home for a Rest
This is the song that most anyone who's ever been in a pub (especially in a college town) has heard. It's their most over played song in all of history, but at the same time, it's one that had to be included.

2 - D for Democracy
I have to apologize for the quality of the video. It's pretty terrible, and the recording of the song isn't very good either. It's still an amazing song that I haven't been able to listen to for a very long time. It's one that brought back some painful memories.

3 - Tell me What I think.
I can't embed a video for this one, because it has been disabled. But if you clickenzee the linkenzee, you can watch/hear it. It's a beautiful song... although honestly it's one I would have likely missed had I not reached out to the biggest SOTW fan I know.

4 - The rights of Man
This is another that the video quality isn't the greatest... but the song is there and you can get what it's like. This is another song that hurts a little and brings back things perhaps better left behind...
"Now I'm alone
I'm alone
And I don't fit here in our home
Where nothing tastes the same
With the tip of my tongue
Holding on to your name...."

5 - Political
I debated whether or not I should include this one, or The Old Sod. My friend recommended The Old Sod... but my heart kept coming back to Political, so here it is. I decided that it might not fit with this list, but it fits with me, and that's all that matters.

6 - The Crawl
This is quintessential SOTW, and Canada for that fact. It's hard to not listen to these songs and not be proud of where I'm from.

And finally, the song that sparked this and a long awaited reconnection with my dearest of dear friends...

7 - And if Venice is Sinking
I love this song with all my heart. There is no other song that has ever brought me to spontaneous tears. There is no other song that makes me feel that it's going to be OKAY when I'm feeling sad and broken hearted. Just less than 9 years ago I listened to this song end over end crying until I couldn't breathe. I'm not sure how I would have pulled through had it not been for this song... it's also the song that I had to leave behind for a very long time.
And I've made it mine again.
This song, and everything it represents to me... well, it'll have to be pried from my cold dead hands, if you can pick up what I'm laying down.

And this, faithful readers, concludes my introduction into Spirit of the West. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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